Advent wishes





It is wonderful when some of the family come round for Christmas – but that does not happen every year as they mostly live far away and have to travel to see other members of their families. 





We don’t usually get snow at Christmas, either, where I live just South of Nottingham, but we do occasionally. 






And we certainly don’t see angels at Christmas, unless in disguise.


But late one afternoon, when driving along the London ring road I was reminded of them. 


Grey shapes,

silvered-swan sheening

in the last light of day,

eyes blazing,

dropping through the cold,

a blue-dark evening

over the tangle of West London suburbs,

lit by strings of orange pearls.










slow wheeling,

in darkened splendour

they came:

Skein stepped,


sinking earthwards.





A solemn procession.

Gentle leviathans,

wings spread,

trunks raised,

legs braced,



in their land-falling.








Bearing what?







In the rush to get home

few bothered to watch.


They slowly touched down.







Merry Christmas Everyone.


I hope you have a peaceful and happy time.

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    Norma Ghamrawi (Monday, 29 November 2021 05:38)

    My very best wishes to you and Susanne. My the coming year bring you all that you aspire to.