Chef's Specials

Chef's Specials · 21 April 2019
Walking in the country when the day is young, see the dew is sparkling, gem-like in the sun. Walking in the country, day not very old, feel the warmth upon your back, sheep still in their fold. Walking in the country, almost half past ten, down the hedgerows warblers sing, ramble beasts and men. Walking in the country, soon be time for food, hear the barking dogs that guard, beasts in yard and field. Lunch time comes by stony gate, feet can rest, while stomach churns mind can contemplate. Who...
Chef's Specials · 11 September 2018
Rajasthan! All the birds of the desert and the birds of the plain and water scavenge and avenge. Cleanse. Black Kite! Vultures of corruption that are Indian, Egyptian, Buzzards or the Southern Grey Shrike wheel overhead, feeding off the carcasses flung on the middens in the scrub at the edge of the towns Round villages of mud flutter Stock and Laughing Dove. While Grey Francolins discreetly feed, flash Green Parakeets chase and screech, White-Eared Bulbuls skulk in the trees and House Crows...

Chef's Specials · 22 August 2018
Meditating, waiting for a train to leave a station. Reading still ‘Inside the wave’ a voyage about to start. Recalling writing juxtaposing past and present, older mines and new, lives destroyed, renewed, wandering through time, touching what was once, is now reformed, will change again as spaces shift. on a road to somewhere, no-one really knows. March 2018