Indian Birdsong


All the birds of the desert

and the birds of the plain

and water

scavenge and avenge.



Black Kite!

Vultures of corruption

that are Indian, Egyptian,

Buzzards or the Southern Grey Shrike

wheel overhead,

feeding off the carcasses

flung on the middens

in the scrub

at the edge of the towns

Round villages of mud

flutter Stock and Laughing Dove.

While Grey Francolins discreetly feed,

flash Green Parakeets chase and screech,

White-Eared Bulbuls skulk in the trees and

House Crows stare

at the rubbish humans spare

from their colourfully clothed existence.


Dabbling, paddling,

scouring dirty waterholes

fouled by sewage and human abuse,

Black Winged Stilts and

Red Wattled Lapwings

probe for food amid the filth as

Red-Headed Ibis and common Moorhen

Delicately tiptoe on the rank refuse.


Black Kite!

Vultures of corruption

that are avian or human

hang as a pall over people’s wretchedness.

Sparrows twitter merrily,

Mynahs laugh nervily,

Peacocks vainly fan their tails

looking for a wife.

Propagating life.


We all share this vice.   

                                    Oct 2007




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