Whale Watching off St Lucia, 2018,


Woke up early one morning [00] to look for whales in the sea off St Lucia. The cold current had come north early this year.  Joined the trip just along the main street [01]. Hopped into a pick-up truck and headed down to the beach [02], from where we caught the boat – straight off,  just like that, helped on its way by a tractor [05]. 


The sea was a bit rough, [05] made photography a little tricky, and the swell [06] made some people on the top deck feel a little unwell. But, Hey!  We saw some Humped back whales. [07] Sometimes we saw one , sometimes we saw two [08], some were spouting [10], though only one flicked its tail flukes [11] while another waved its flipper [12] to say ‘hello’. 


Landing was dead easy, just ploughed up the sandy beach [13] and hopped off the boat, then watched the tractor pull it further up out of the waves. While waiting for the pick-up truck we saw a few birds [14], including a kite. Then back to St Lucia [15].